Charities receive £500,000 for online mental health support

Nominet has given the funding to a group of charities such as Young Minds and Barnardos to help them bolster their digital and online support around mental health. Youth and health charities are to receive £500,000 in funding to increase the range of online and digital support available to those with mental ill-health. The grants have been awarded by tech firm Nominet through its #RESET mental health programme. The tech for good money will be used to create new digital resources, improving the signposting of online support and digital improvements within the charities’ organisations. Also, the funding will be used to produce guidance on developing digital mental health products. The funding has been created following Nominet research that looked at growing financial pressures on the NHS, increasing use of digital channels by young people needing support and an overlap among charities offering digital help.

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Improving Mental Health Online

“Demand for mental health services has risen dramatically in the last five years, and at the same time the channels young people use to seek support have migrated to digital,” said Eleanor Bradley, Managing Director of Registry Solutions and Public Benefit at Nominet. “Our research showed that many expert charities offering targeted support for specific needs when young people are most vulnerable or in crisis are at risk of falling behind digitally or need help to amplify what they offer. And we want to support these organisations to be at the forefront of digital mental health service provision. “As part of our commitment to public benefit, with a focus on driving initiatives that promote greater connectivity, inclusivity and security online, we believe our new funding programme #RESET will provide some much needed help – in essence, the resource to reset the mental health support system – where it is sorely required.” Vanessa Longley added: “The funding will help many more thousands of young people to find their way. Helping them access practical actionable information online when they need it, so we can reduce the number of young people reaching crisis point.”