Lottery Management Company

If you're thinking of launching your own charity, society or sports club lottery, you may be looking for help from a lottery management company. This is because you'll no doubt be concerned about the administration, the legalities, overheads and potential liability of a lottery.


An introduction to Charity Lotteries

A charity (or ‘society’) lottery is designed to be a great way to raise unlimited funds for good causes. Lotteries (or raffles) can only be run for good causes, they cannot be run for private or commercial gain. They works by reaching a demographic of supporters who generally don’t give donations, but like the chance of winning a prize in addition to supporting a society they care about.


What is a Small Society Lottery?

A small society lottery does not have proceeds that exceed £20,000 for a single draw, nor aggregated proceeds in excess of £250,000 in a calendar year. Also, a small society lottery does not require a license to take place, but must be registered with the local authority in the area where the principal office of the society is located.


How Lotteries Work

If you'd like to find out how lotteries work, then you're in the right place! A small society lottery works by encouraging supporters of a society to join their lottery. It gives an incentive for continued support, and rewards generosity and loyalty with the chance of winning cash prizes up to £25,000.


External Lottery Manager

An External Lottery Manager (ELM), like Prize Provision Services, is a company licensed by the Gambling Commission to administer lotteries on behalf of societies. ELMs handle all of the administration such as lottery draws, prizes, player accounts, financial and data administration required by law to run a lottery. What external lottery managers do is take care of all the hard work, leaving the societies to do what they do best.

A lottery is a great way of maintaining regular giving. Because we know what is coming in on a month by month basis, we can plan services to make sure our patients get the best support possible, people joining the Weather Lottery allows us to do this.

Angela Gray • Fundraising Manager, Beechwood Cancer Care


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